HSA Qualified Health Plans

NEW – HSA (Health Savings Account) Qualified High Deductible Plans introduced by CCMHG on July 1, 2017!  Click on the links below for more information!
Blue Cross Blue Shield Plans for FY18
BCBS Preventative Drug Listplease check the BCBS website for the most up to date information
Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Plans for FY18
HPHC Preventative Drug List – please check the HPHC for the most up to date information

If you missed the Informational Meetings about the HSA Qualified High Deductible Plans – you can click here to view the meeting held at the Town of Falmouth!

TUTORIALS!! Click on the links below to hear from Blue Cross & Blue Shield and Harvard Pilgrim to learn how the HSA Qualified High Deductible Plans work and the benefits of enrolling!  Be sure your sound is “on”!

Health Equity HSA Presentation (with examples of employees costs)
Health Equity Website link
Health Equity Tools for Members – mobile app, portal information, etc
Health Equity Webinars
Health Equity HSA Videos
HSA Implementation Guide – for Employers

BCBS  –  HSA Qualified High Deductible Plan
Prospective Blue Cross Blue Shield HSA enrollees are welcome to call HealthEquity’s member service 24/7 at 877.694.3938 with questions.  Employees should identify themselves as a potential new HSA enrollee during the call. Please note the HealthEquity Member Service team will not have access to the account’s specific benefits, employer funding amount or frequency as of yet.

HPHC  – Understanding Health Savings Accounts!
HPHC  – Your HSA-Qualified HMO Plan

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Health Plan Comparison Charts & Rates

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