NEW!!!  Effective November 1, 2017members will have access directly from CanaRx to certain brand name medications at NO COST to the member, and they will be delivered by mail right to your doorstep!  Your medication may be on the list of available medications – click on your health plan Enrollment Packet below, or go to the website to find out!

Enrollment Packets below include Medication Lists
HPHC Enrollment Packet
HPHC CanaRx Drug Formulary – July 2018

BCBS Enrollment Packet
BCBS CanaRx Drug Formulary – July 2018

CCMHGCanaRx is a voluntary international prescription drug program that is available to eligible Employees,  Non-Medicare eligible Retirees, and their Dependents enrolled in the HMOs or PPO plan with the Cape Cod Municipal Health Group.   NOTE *The HSA – qualified High Deductible Health Plan members are not eligible for this program at this time. Website – click here to find out if your medication is on the list & learn about this great program and how you can sign up!


Transition Letter to members with the Introduction letter from CanaRx

CCMHGCanaRx is a voluntary program and does not replace your current prescription benefit plan.

If you have additional questions, call the toll free number below – CanaRx Group Inc. Toll Free Phone #1-866-893-6337 Fax: 1-866-715-6337

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